7 Ideas For Self Care You Can Do This Week

So you’re overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, possibly depressed and ready for a break? Yeah, I am totally there with you. We have a lot of sh** going on! Between starting a new job, raising a kiddo and trying to keep the rest of my life together, its a struggle to make time for myself. But..it is super important. Finding time to be alone is my biggest struggle. I definitely love to socialize but I REQUIRE alone time to feel “normal” and balanced.

What about you?

What makes you feel “normal” and balanced?

You know when you fly and they tell you to always put your mask on first before you help anyone else? This is the premise of self care. Self care isn’t always face masks and bubble baths..but let’s be real, sometimes it is and once a week of this surely cannot hurt.

Self care to me looks like a couple of different things some of which many of you would not find fun or relaxing. The first thing I do for self care is clean. I don’t like a messy house and I am stressed when the house is a mess..however..I let it get messy and then I rage clean..so the cycle continues. I actually really enjoy cleaning and organizing rooms. This is something that is high on my self care list. It feels good to me to clean up a space and see the finished product. Yay simple accomplishments!?

Another thing I enjoy doing for self care is watching shows I like. Between Paw Patrol and Doc McStuffins..I can only take so many sing songy songs because I go completely bat shit crazy. I love anything True Crime so things like Investigation Discovery and Dateline really do the trick!

Okay so you’re probably thinking I am not cleaning for self care..please get to the good stuff. I have found 7 ways to incorporate self care into your daily routine this week! Most of these activities are free or very low cost to you.

Self Care Idea #1 

Check out a book from a local library. Libraries are very underused and underrated. You can typically get a library card for free through your county/city and start checking out books the same day. To incorporate a trip to the library into your self care routine, start by checking out a book and reading it at the library instead of taking it home right away. Libraries are peaceful, quiet and enjoyable! After you hang out in your new found local library, take the book home and read it because reading is FUN.

Help me find a library!

Self Care Idea #2

Baking goodies. First of all, baking is very therapeutic and second of all baked goodies are delicious. Try a simple recipe that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg at the grocery store baking aisle. Grab your chef hat and apron and start mixin! Bake enough for yourself to enjoy and some to give away to either a friend, coworker or neighbor!

I’ve never baked a day in my life but I want to learn

Self Care Idea #3

Journaling. This is a very low cost and high return self care activity. The benefits of journaling are somewhat endless. Sometimes just writing down how you feel can make you feel a bit better.

Ways To Journal:

  • Documenting what you did over the course of that day
  • Writing about emotions you felt
  • Physical symptom log
  • Bullet journaling
  • Using writing prompts
  • and more!

Here are a couple of resources for you to check out on journaling

Alternative Journaling

How To Bullet Journal

Beautiful Hard Cover Journals plus 20% off 

Self Care Idea #4

Have you ever had someone tell you that your anxiety or depression would dissipate if you would just go outside more? Yeah, its a pretty common thing for people to say. While this is not the case, I do think going outside can help. I have found that when I spend multiple days indoors, my depression symptoms quickly come to the surface.

Spending time outdoors can help to improve your mood, focus and memory! So get outside and enjoy nature!

Ok Ok Ok I am interested in spending time outdoors

Self Care Idea #5

Spending time with animals. Do you have a local SPCA? Sometimes my daughter and I stop by the local animal shelter and spend time with the dogs. To us, it is relaxing to be around animals. If you have pets, you could take your own pet on a special nature walk (see Self Care Idea #4) or volunteer to take a friend’s pet!

Take me to cute animals

Self Care Idea #6

Meet up with a friend. Finding time for friends can be tough. It can be even more tough if you are suffering with depression or anxiety. Having a mental illness that holds you back from reaching out can be really isolating. I challenge you to reach out to a friend and book a coffee/dinner/mall/nature walk/binge tv session/brunch/game night with them! Make time for yourself and your friends to enjoy laughter and fun.

I have found my friend, now I want to do fun stuff together

Self Care Idea #7

Say Yes / Say No. The most important thing about self care is knowing your own limits. Only recently did I truly understand this concept. If saying “yes” to an invite to a party of 50 would increase your happiness, then by all means, SAY YES! If by saying “No” you get to do something else that fills your happiness cup, then do that instead.

You are in charge of your free time. You are in charge of your own self care. When things come up that you don’t want to do (and don’t have to do) take care of yourself and stand up for yourself. Be Brave, Be Bold, Be in Charge!

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